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grilled cheesus
18 October 1976
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Bright lights might look nice,
But they sure won't make you sharp.
You can't sew a stitch with one hand,
While you're taking it apart.

alicetiara reigns over the jet set, a
sensational beauty, hard as a diamond, rich as
a queen. Women envy her, men adore her,
hustlers cruise her, everyone wants a piece of...
She's dropped a rich Arab for her latest thrill--
a private stable of husky studs, erotic delights
in chauffeured limousines, hot sex on
black satin sheets. As long as the money lasts,
she'll always be

get back in town I wanna paint it black
wanna get around
easy living crowd so flat
said it all before
they try to kick it, their feet fall asleep
I want to be wrong but
No one here wants to fight me like you do

combat baby come back baby
fight off the lethargy
don’t go quietly
combat baby
said you would never give up easy
combat baby come back

i am on every social software site that exists. I'm usually alicetiara. Some highlights:
- myspace
- del.icio.us
- 43 things
- yelp
- vox
- flickr
- textamerica phonecamblog

Oh, and I wrote this dumb quiz a few years ago: What Capitol Hill cliche are you?

If you’re tired of the big so so
Get yourself into some self control
Play the game by putting on the brakes
Slow down and make less mistakes

I co-mod styleatthetime w/ rockgeisha. It's a frivolous but polite fashion community. JOIN NOW. I for one welcome our new fashion overlords.

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